Apples and eggs together and happy

This will sound gross, and the recipe author The Whole Smiths admits it is hard to imagine reading the recipe. But trust me. And the author. It is fantastic.

This fills the hole in our tummy that we used to fill with an apple pancake, which is basically a Dutch baby with baked apple slices covered in dessert-level sweet cinnamon/sugar syrup, at The Original Pancake House. I can’t eat an apple pancake without being physically ill for the rest of the day, and I don’t really understand how anyone over the age of 12 could eat one and be able to function at all. Anyhow, this apple frittata is a happy compromise. It is eggy like the Dutch baby, has lots of apple slices, and has just enough cinnamon and sweetness to make it delicious but not so much that it requires a nap to sleep off the sugar coma.


Apples, frozen or fresh cherries, honey (can omit), vanilla, cinnamon, eggs!, oil to grease the pan


1. When doing a whole30, just leave out the honey and vanilla. It is still awesome.

2. I don’t typically have cherries, so I have used raisins instead or just left them out entirely. Both a good options. Diced figs would be interesting.

3. I add just a little salt and some ginger. Probably about a half teaspoon of each.

4. I use red apples and reduce the amount of honey because red apples are sweeter than green ones.

Mistake of the day: I forgot to peel the apples! Oops. Still tastes great.

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